Only quality products guarantee safety

We are parents of two children and therefore child safety is very important to us. That's why we make sure to only sell quality products. Embroider Buddies ™ and Mumbles ™ must follow strict guidelines to ensure toy safety. They are constantly monitored at all stages of production and audited for compliance with all US, Canadian, Australian and European (CE) safety standards.

Embroider Buddys ™ - Proud of its own stringent toy safety policy

Embroider Buddy ™ has been in the toy industry for 70 years, selling stuffed animals. They have always been proud of their own stringent toy safety guidelines. Safe eyes, good seams and high-quality plush - a guarantee and a matter of course for many generations of happy children who have played with their stuffed animals.

The products meet and exceed the safety standard. Safe seams and invisible zips help prevent infants from opening and reaching the shell easily. In addition, the Teddies have no loose filling, as this could lead to a security risk, if this comes into the hands of a small child. The filling is bottled in so-called 'pods' that contain high quality plush.

Teddy-Alarm - Teddys bereit zum Besticken

Teddy wird bestickt

Embroider Buddys ™ - factories according to ethical and legal standards

The factory where the Embroider Buddys ™ are manufactured is certified by ITCI (International Council of Toy Industries). ITCI covers the health and safety of children around the world by promoting international safety standards for toys. That is, the factory is constantly checked for cleanliness and safety at work. This ensures that the factory is clean, safe and does not employ minors.

Mumbles ™ - Strong collaboration with its manufacturers

The company Mumbles ™ also expressly states that its suppliers and manufacturers comply with the high ethical, safety and legal standards and are continuously checked for their compliance locally.
In order to meet the high ethical standards required, Mumbles ™ supports many facilities in the producing countries and seeks a constant exchange to further improve working conditions.

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